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Image of Dana Broslovsky and Alyssa D’Arcy from AlDa AestheticMorse Insurance is pleased to put the spotlight on another local small business and share its owners’ interesting success story. Today, we are featuring AlDa Aesthetics, a woman-owned medical spa located in Hanover, Massachusetts. AlDa was founded by Dana Broslovsky, Licensed Master Esthetician, and Alyssa D’Arcy, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. Through hard work and a tremendous dedication to meeting the needs of their patients, these two friends and business partners have quickly grown AlDa into a medical spa recognized for exceptional service and treatment outcomes.

Of course, AlDa also happens to be a client of Morse Insurance, so we were thrilled to get the chance to sit down with co-owner Alyssa D’Arcy, to find out more about her company’s rapid rise in the region’s medical spa market.

Morse: What led you to a career in medical aesthetics?

Alyssa: Prior to my journey into medical aesthetics, I worked as a pediatric intensive care nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital. I began as a graduate nurse in a busy medical and surgical intensive care unit and continued my career in the same ICU for 18 years. After tackling many roles, from preceptor and mentor to resource nurse and charge nurse, I was searching for a new challenge. I’ve always been interested in the field of aesthetic medicine, because the ultimate goal is to help build a person’s confidence and empower them to keep investing in themselves.

There are actually many similarities between nursing and aesthetics. Both endeavors require compassionate care and the ability to connect with patients. You also need many of the same skills, including performing patient assessments and devising treatment plans that account for past and present medical history. Recognizing and understanding patients’ goals, evaluating safe and effective treatment options, and implementing treatment plans is another important role. Finally, both fields require a great deal of medical expertise when administering a treatment. Specifically, in aesthetics, you’re constantly assessing the tissue of the face and skin and must have in-depth knowledge of anatomy. This is exactly why I have participated in numerous intensive facial anatomy and cadaver dissection trainings to enhance my knowledge and skills as an injector.

Morse: Once you decided to make this career change, how did you get started?

Alyssa: In 2014, I began by taking a few certification classes in injectables. I actually didn’t think that taking these classes was going to lead to a complete transition in my career. However, I fell in love with the science and artistry of the field. Once I realized my passion for aesthetics, I decided that I wanted to become an expert in the field, so I sought out classes on injectables, skin health, lasers, and more. In addition, I made it a priority to achieve the one credential that is offered in this industry, which is the Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS). To achieve this credential, I had to record at least 300 injection hours and take a practical and written exam. Today, I am one of only 19 nurses working in the medical aesthetics industry in Massachusetts to hold this credential.

Morse: How did you meet Dana, your business partner, and how did the two of you decide to start AlDa Aesthetics?

Alyssa: We were introduced by a mentor of mine, Michelle, a successful medical spa owner in the North Shore, who used to employ Dana as an esthetician. In 2016, Michelle called me and said, “My future sister-in-law is moving to the South Shore, and she’s our best esthetician. You guys should get together and start a business.”

I hadn’t thought about starting my own business until that phone call. My plan had always been to keep my nursing job and to pursue aesthetics at the same time. But I knew I loved what I was doing, and that I was excelling at it, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to talk to another esthetician about a business idea.

Dana and I met at the South Shore Plaza. It felt kind of like a blind date. We chatted for about an hour and came to the conclusion that with my experience and education in nursing and her esteemed reputation in the aesthetics industry, we would make a great pair. Looking back on that conversation, I realize that sounds a little naïve to think it was going to be an easy process. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Initially, we started as a franchise, but after about six months, we decided we wanted to pursue our own dream and be independent. Even though we had learned a lot from our previous jobs, it still took us several years to achieve what we wanted to with our spa. One of our best decisions along the way was to hire a practice manager. She’s helped us immensely. Dana and I are highly skilled “clinical types,” but we weren’t as knowledgeable with the business aspect of running a corporation. Our practice manager keeps us on track and organized. We’ve grown tremendously since adding her to the team.

Morse: How has your company evolved and grown since you first opened?

Alyssa: When we opened our doors in 2016, it was just Dana as lead esthetician, and me as our injector. Over the past five years, our team has expanded to include a practice manager, whom I mentioned before, two more estheticians, a patient care coordinator, and a full-time nurse practitioner. We now offer an array of noninvasive modalities, including laser hair reduction, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, radio frequency collagen induction therapy, and injectable treatments that improve skin health and combat the natural aging process.

We are also very proud of the recognition we’ve received to date, including Top HydraFacial Account in Massachusetts, Allergan Top 250 Account, and 2020 Best Day Spa from Best of the South Shore. We know these awards and achievements reflect our commitment to excellence. More importantly, we are so thankful to our loyal patients, who consistently seek our services and keep us very busy!

Morse: Would you tell us more about the procedures AlDa Aesthetics offers, and what’s “hot” right now?

Alyssa: BOTOX® for cosmetic purposes is by far our most sought-after service and is an increasingly popular treatment for reversing the visible signs of aging. Dermal fillers are also quite popular with our patients. Made of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that exists in the human body, dermal fillers are used to create volume and fullness in the skin, including cheeks and lips. Another service we offer that is getting a lot of buzz in the aesthetics world is VirtueRF. This is a treatment using radio frequency collagen induction therapy to deliver firmer skin, refine pores, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Whereas some of our laser and skin tightening modalities should not be used in the summer months when patients tend to get a lot of sun exposure, radio frequency is suitable for all skin types, all year long.

These are just a few of the options at AlDa. We have over 15 different procedures that address a wide variety of concerns, from acne and age spots to hair loss and sagging skin. The best way for a potential patient to find out if there is a treatment that would meet their needs is to schedule a consultation.

Morse: What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

Alyssa: I love playing a role in building someone’s self-esteem and confidence. Our procedures are minimally invasive, but patients can experience dramatic results in very little time. I also still love to teach, so being an experienced medical provider allows me the opportunity to educate my patients on skin health and injectable services that are safe and appropriate, and yield a gorgeous outcome.

Morse: We’re so glad you’re part of the Morse family. What has your experience been like as a client?

Alyssa: We originally reached out to Morse because we were concerned that our malpractice insurance program did not have the breadth of coverage our growing business required. While our procedures are safe and non-invasive, we are providing medical services to the public, which come with an inherent level of risk. We need to be confident that we have an excellent malpractice insurance program to protect our staff and our business in the unlikely event a patient experiences adverse effects from a treatment.

We have been really impressed by the Morse team. They are very knowledgeable and welcoming, and it was an easy decision to switch our insurance program to them. The transition has been super easy, and whenever we have a question or concern, they have been extremely responsive. Most importantly, they were instrumental in helping us build a comprehensive and cost-effective malpractice plan. We have peace of mind now, knowing that the Morse team is local and accessible and will be there for us if we need to make a claim or for anything else we need.

Morse thanks Alyssa D’Arcy for her time and, of course, encourages you to find out more about AlDa Aesthetics by visiting the medical spa’s website and following AlDa on Instagram. Also, we hope you’ll stay tuned to the Morse blog and Facebook page, so you’ll be the first to hear about our next Client Spotlight.

In the meantime, if you need assistance finding business insurance coverage for your unique operation, please contact us. We would be glad to review your current commercial policies for any gaps or savings opportunities or to provide a quote on a new policy. Morse, of course, is here to assist you in finding the best business insurance solutions to protect your success story.

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