Car Insurance for Southeastern MA & South Coast MA Drivers

We understand that it might seem easiest to buy your car insurance online. But if you never actually speak to an insurance professional, how do you really know whether you have the appropriate amount of coverage, not to mention whether you’re getting all the savings you deserve?

Morse, of course, doesn’t think you should be driving solo when it comes to your car insurance. For over 70 years, our team has helped thousands of Massachusetts drivers select the coverages, deductibles, and endorsements that are the best fit for their experience, driving behaviors, vehicles, and, of course, budget.

Whether you’re looking to insure a new car or hoping to find better coverage at an affordable rate for a current vehicle, the Morse team is happy to help. We work with dozens of the top national and regional car insurance companies, so we have access to an array of coverage options for virtually any type of personal vehicle you may own, from a standard car, SUV, or truck to a motorcycle, RV, motor home, hybrid or electric car, and even your prized classic, antique, or vintage auto.

Photo of a car accident

What Is Accident Forgiveness?

Get all the facts about this endorsement and how it may help you avoid an aggravating insurance premium surcharge after an at-fault accident.
Accident Forgiveness

Photo of a person driving a car

What Is a Disappearing Deductible?

Find out how your car insurance deductible may decrease over time, possibly all the way down to zero, if you have this cost-saving endorsement.
Disappearing Deductible

Photo of an electric vehicle charging in the driveway

What Is Loan/Lease Gap Coverage?

Learn about the risky gap that exists between what you owe on your car and its actual cash value after an accident, and how this add-on may help fill it.
Gap Insurance

Photo of a house with cars parked in the garages

What Is a Bundle and Save Discount?

Check out the savings and other benefits you may be eligible for if you bundle home, condo, or renters insurance with your auto policy.
Bundle and Save

Morse, of course, is dedicated to helping you keep more money in your pocket. Let us do the legwork to find you even more ways to save on your car insurance. Discounts and credits may be available to drivers who:

  • Bundle their car and home policies with the same insurance company
  • Own multiple cars
  • Are new customers
  • Enroll in automatic bill pay
  • Pay their policy up front and in full
  • Have a student away at college
  • Drive infrequently
  • Are active military
  • Attend an advanced driving course

In addition, through Morse, drivers may be eligible for a variety of group insurance discount programs.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and well-thought-out car insurance quote, simple and straightforward answers to your car insurance questions, timely tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones safe, or assistance filing a claim, Morse, of course, is here for you. To speak with a member of our team, stop by any one of our four convenient locations or give us a call today at 508-238-0056.

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