• Photo of holiday tech gifts elegantly wrapped
    4 Popular, but Possibly Dangerous, Holiday Tech Gifts

    With the magic of the holidays right around the corner, one of your top priorities is probably checking off the items on your long shopping list. But did you know…

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  • 4 insurance coverages every homeowner should consider 1
    4 Insurance Coverages Every Homeowner Should Consider

    Your home—and your life at home—has probably gone through many changes over the years. But has your home insurance policy kept up? There’s no doubt that you’ve poured your heart…

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  • do you need guaranteed replacement cost
    Do you need Guaranteed Replacement Cost?

    Morse, of course, helps you understand the benefits of having guaranteed replacement cost coverage and why you might want to add it to your home insurance.

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  • A smiling couple signing an insurance document
    Using an Independent Insurance Agent Versus a Direct Insurance Company

    The Morse Insurance Agency, of course, wants you to understand that you have options when it comes to finding and buying home, condo, renters, or car insurance. Below is a summary of the two primary avenues you can use to purchase your personal insurance solutions. We hope the following information helps you select the insurance partner that is the right fit for you.

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  • Photo of a cute pit bull mixed dog sitting in the grass
    Dog Breeds Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

    Whether you’re a current or future dog owner, the Morse team wants to make sure you are aware there are specific canine breeds that some home and renters insurance companies consider high-risk and may either not cover, limit coverage for, or increase your premium to cover.

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  • Morse Six Ways to Save Money Infographic Featured Image
    6 Environmentally Friendly Ways for Homeowners to Save Money

    Owning a home, while often very rewarding, can also be extremely expensive. After a homeowner has paid their monthly mortgage and property taxes, typically the third-largest expense they have to cover are their utilities. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to minimize the resources you use in your home and cut costs…

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