• 5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

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Installing a smart home security system or adding cameras to your yard, along with managing their monthly subscriptions, might strain your budget. However, there are several budget-friendly ways to deter burglars from your home.

Whether you’re away from home for a week or just out for the day, taking preventive measures to burglar-proof your home is always a smart move. Morse, of course, wants to help by making sure you know what you can do to protect your home from a potential break-in without breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve gathered five budget-friendly ideas for securing your home against would-be thieves. Implementing one, a few, or all of these tactics may keep burglars from making your home their next target.

5 Inexpensive Ways to Deter Burglars from Your Home


1. Hone your gardening skills.One way to deter burglars is by planting thorny bushes under your windows. If a burglar sees that it’ll be extremely difficult (and potentially painful!) to enter your home by crawling through a window, they may avoid trying it altogether.

2. Invest in window locks.

Typically, someone who plans to rob you is looking to get in and out very quickly, so if they try to gain entry by opening a window, only to find that it isn’t the easy access point they hoped it would be, they might decide that trying to get inside isn’t worth the extra effort.

3. Install a fake security camera.

Looks can be deceiving; even a fake security camera may be enough to keep a burglar away. So, if a real video surveillance system is too costly, opt for a fake one. This means you can avoid installation and monthly subscription fees while still giving the impression that your home is monitored.

4. Purchase a doorstop alarm.

This easy-to-use gadget is a wedge that goes right underneath your door. When pressure is applied to it—like when someone tries to open your door when you’re not expecting any visitors—a loud alarm will go off. The blaring sound of an alarm will generally send burglars heading for the hills.

5. Set up a fake TV.

A fake TV is a small, battery-powered device that mimics the light patterns that a normal TV would typically give off, effectively giving the impression that someone is home. This way you don’t have to leave your television on for hours to keep burglars away.

Morse, of course, is here to help you prepare for and deal with the unexpected.

Now that you know some budget-friendly ways to deter burglars from targeting your home, we hope that you feel ready to start implementing some of these preventive measures. Doing so will hopefully help give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. Rest assured, though, that if a burglar still manages to find their way into your home, Morse, of course, is here to guide you through the next steps. We’ll walk you through the process of filing a claim and explain how your home insurance policy may provide coverage for your property and belongings after a break-in. To reach a member of the Morse team after a break-in or for any reason, contact us online or by phone, or stop in at one of our locations.

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