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Morse, of course, is extremely grateful for our team of hardworking and dedicated employees. That’s why we love learning more about them and then sharing the scoop with our community.

In this installment of our employee spotlight series, we’re highlighting Allison Noble, a Personal Lines account manager who grew up in the North Shore area. In 2018, she moved to Mansfield and started working out of our Easton office. After a few years there, she relocated to our Norton office to be closer to home. Known to family members as “Red” because of her hair color, Allison loves to travel around New England on her bike or in her car so she can take in the stunning mountainous and oceanic views that our region provides. We’re excited for you to read all about Allison, including how she developed a passion for insurance and how she spends her time in and out of the Morse office.

Morse: You’ve been working in the insurance industry since you were 18. Why don’t you begin by telling us how you got started?

Allison: Right after I graduated high school, I started looking for my first job. I wasn’t set on working in any particular field or position. But, as luck would have it, a family friend who owned an insurance agency in the North Shore area needed a receptionist and someone to do administrative work in their office, and I jumped at the opportunity. Pretty quickly, I started to develop a deep understanding of the insurance industry. Eventually, I took the necessary classes to become a licensed agent and never looked back. Morse is the third agency I’ve worked with.

Morse: As a Personal Lines account manager at Morse, what does a typical day in the office look like for you?

Allison: As soon as I walk through the doors at 9 a.m., it’s time to get to work. Throughout the day, I write and prepare a lot of quotes for potential customers looking for home, auto, and personal umbrella insurance and for existing customers who want to refresh their personal policies. A huge part of that involves problem solving because what’s right for one customer won’t necessarily be right for others. The role also involves being a calm and dependable presence for customers that have had to file a claim and may be going through a stressful time because of it. In those situations, I am able to guide them through the claims process.

Morse: It sounds like your clients would describe you as being very helpful and attentive. What about your colleagues? How would they describe you?

Allison: I love to joke around and make others laugh, so I think my coworkers would say I’m kind of a class clown in the office. They’d definitely also mention my love for cars and trucks. I’m always sporting a lifted vehicle or something with big tires, or some type of cool car. I used to have a big, lifted Jeep, then I drove a bright blue Toyota for a while, and now I’m back behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler. They always expect me to pull up to work in a fun vehicle, and at this point I feel like I have a reputation to uphold!

Morse: We sure do like to have fun at Morse, don’t we? How do you spend your time outside of the office?

Image of a bike on a beach
Allison: You can typically find me on my bike when I’m not at work. Riding is a huge part of my life. I love to find scenic bike paths and trails to check out around New England, whether it’s in the forest or along a lake or the ocean. One of my favorites is the Shining Sea Bikeway in Cape Cod. Bristol, Rhode Island, is another gorgeous place to ride, especially Colt State Park. I’m also no stranger to a good weekend road trip. My favorite places to visit are around Woodstock, New Hampshire, for the mountains, or the Portland, Maine, area when I want to be near the coast.

Morse: Your appreciation for New England and the outdoors is really coming through here. What are some things Morse does as a company that you appreciate?

Allison: I love that Morse is involved in the community and with nonprofits in our area. During the holiday season, we partner with My Brother’s Keeper, which is a foundation that helps families in need by providing necessities like food and furniture. Each year, we all donate a bit of money to help a family that’s struggling. Also, last spring we participated in a walk to support School on Wheels, an organization that helps students who live in poverty or are homeless. It feels great to be part of a team that cares about helping those in our community who need it the most.

Morse: That’s wonderful to hear. If you could describe your five years at Morse in just a few sentences, what would you say?

Allison: When I joined the Morse team, I came in very open-minded and eager to learn new things, and now I feel like an integral part of the Morse family. I’m incredibly grateful to be here. I look forward to coming to work every day, and I look forward to being here for many years to come.

We want to thank Allison for taking the time to share more about herself. Morse, of course, is grateful for the opportunity to highlight just a few of the reasons Allison is such an essential part of our team.

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