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President’s Day weekend means an extra day of sleeping in for most of the country; but if you’re from New England, you know it’s time for a ski trip! While we can’t help you pack, we do have a few winter driving tips to help you stay safe when you’re heading up north (and during any #MAsnow, for that matter!):

Fill Up The Tank

In the summer, you can take a chance and run your car down to fumes, but in the winter that can easily leave you stranded. Having a half tank of gas in the car at all times necessary to prevent it from freezing, but it’s also essential for staying warm if you get stuck!

Bring Back-Up Wiper Fluid

As every New Englander knows, the road salt can wreak havoc on the windows of your car. Always keep an extra container of washer fluid in your car during winter road trips! Make sure it’s not the cheap stuff—if it’s the wrong concentration, wiper fluid will freeze below 30 degrees. It’s important to always maintain visibility through your windshield and in the winter, wipers alone won’t cut it.

Exhaust Check

Always remember to check your exhaust for snow after parking near a snow bank or the morning after a storm. A clogged exhaust can easily cause carbon-monoxide poisoning, particularly when all the windows are up for the cold weather.

Snow Tires

If you’re driving in the snow, you need snow tires. Particularly if you have any plans to drive up a mountain for skiing! Now, snow tires can be really expensive, but if you live in New England they are absolutely essential and always superior to all-season tires. If you can’t afford four new snow tires, buy two and mount them on the wheels that are driven by the engine. If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, it’s really worth saving and investing in all four snow tires. Depending on how often you drive, they can easily last you for more than one season!

Slow Down

When driving in the snow, the number one rule is simple: do everything more slowly. Take turns more slowly, brake earlier, accelerate slowly—you get the idea. Don’t forget, even if you manage to maintain control of your car, that doesn’t mean that everyone else will. Remember to leave a little extra distance between you and the car in front of you, and don’t panic! Slow and steady wins the race.

Did we miss anything important? Share your favorite winter driving tips with @MorseInsurance using #MorseOfCourse—we love hearing from you! Enjoy your President’s Day Weekend and get to and from the slopes safely using our winter driving tips. If you want more safety tips or have any insurance questions make sure to visit our website or give us a call at 888-436-6247!

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