Business Interruption Insurance for Massachusetts Business Owners

If your restaurant, manufacturing facility, boutique or service garage suffered a catastrophic loss, such as a fire, do you have the necessary insurance to get you back in business efficiently and economically? With business interruption coverage you can worry less about situations such as this.

As a trusted insurance partner to a number of small and mid-sized businesses across Southeastern Massachusetts, Morse, of course, is dedicated to ensuring that you and your company are properly protected. In most cases, we often recommend a businessowners policy (BOP) for our clients as it is a comprehensive and cost-effective insurance option that combines three essential commercial coverages – property insurance, liability insurance, and business interruption insurance.

However, we also recognize that a BOP policy is not always the right fit for everyone and every business. Therefore, if you are looking for a custom commercial insurance program or already have one in place and are in search of a bit more coverage, the experienced professionals at Morse strongly encourage you to consider adding business interruption coverage to your package. This extra layer of protection will provide the financial relief you need to get back on your feet after an unforeseen disaster such as theft, fire, wind, falling objects, lightning and more.

Why you should consider business interruption coverage for your company?

The primary goal for most businesses is to earn a profit which is particularly hard to do when you have to unexpectedly close your doors. If your business were to experience a loss that required you to temporarily shut down your operation for an extended period of time to work on repairs, rebuild or recoup lost inventory, there is a good chance that the financial stability of your operation could be significantly impacted.

Now, we don’t share these scenarios to scare you, but rather to prepare you for what may lie ahead. As a successful business owner, you know that owning and operating a business of any size is a bit of a balancing act, and a significant loss of income may require you to dip into your savings account or secure a loan to stabilize cash flow. Depending on the assets you have available to you if a catastrophic event were to occur you may be forced to close your doors or in a worst-case scenario, file for bankruptcy. However, with business interruption coverage ready to go to work for you, it will hopefully never come to either of those outcomes.

How does business income coverage differ from property insurance?

Business interruption coverage, also known as business income coverage, is an extra layer of protection that is designed to help you secure the long-term future and success of your business after a crisis. If you and your business were to experience a significant loss such as a burglary or another disaster-related closing, this additional insurance would cover lost income due to total property loss, the cost to rebuild or temporarily relocate, and ongoing expenses such as payroll allowing you to continue paying your valuable employees.

A property insurance policy is, of course, essential to the success of your business, however in a much different way. This commercial policy specifically covers physical damage to your business or any business-related property, such as machines, computers, equipment, tools, and furniture, which means it does not provide any relief should you experience a loss of income due to damages causing a significant gap in coverage. However, by simply adding business income coverage to your existing business insurance plan, you will gain 360 degrees of coverage.

Business income coverage will not only provide you financial relief, but mental as well, giving you the time needed to properly identify and assess your damages, wait out the sometimes-lengthy claims process, and work towards getting your business back up and running again.

Morse Insurance is the perfect partner for all small and mid-sized businesses looking to safeguard their income and assets.

Business interruption coverage is a particularly smart investment for all types of small and mid-sized businesses, especially if you are not currently taking advantage of a BOP or commercial package policy (CPP). The team at Morse can quickly add this essential coverage to your business’ existing insurance program, as well as discuss the possibility of bundling all of your commercial insurance policies into one comprehensive and flexible businessowners or commercial package policy.

Our main goal at Morse Insurance is to ensure that you feel confident that your company is adequately protected from unforeseen catastrophe. Running a company is a tough business, which is why you need an insurance partner who understands the perils you may face, can uncover any gaps in coverage, and design a comprehensive business insurance program to combat all identified threats to your operation.

Should you decide to partner with Morse, you can rest easy knowing that our staff is prepared to go above and beyond for you and your business. While we pride ourselves in our ability to work efficiently, we always make a point to take our time. It is critical that your insurance partner fully understands you and your operation before ever presenting you with insurance options. In fact, we urge you to be wary of any agency that says they can quote and bind your business policy online without ever having a conversation with you.

In addition to providing you with quality insurance coverages, from a wide variety of top-rated insurance carriers, at the most competitive rates, our team of experienced insurance professionals will support you throughout all stages of the insurance process. From the initial application to filing a claim, our team will be there to assist you and provide you with invaluable advice and guidance.

If you’re interested in partnering with a local and dependable insurance agency with over 65 years of experience, you’ve come to the right place. Contact the Morse team today at 508-238-0056 or visit us at one of our four convenient Massachusetts locations to start the insurance process.

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"The team at Morse Insurance handles all my personal and business insurance needs. I expect and receive professional insurance recommendations tailored to my particular needs and circumstances. I could not ask for a more attentive, conscientious and friendly group of people."

Steve, Morse Insurance Client

"Morse Insurance truly maximizes my insurance dollar while giving me appropriate, well thought out insurance strategies. Their continued dedication and commitment to providing the balanced combination of value and peace of mind is why I keep working with them."

Sonja, Morse Insurance Client

"Morse has handled the Professional Liability, Business General Liability, Auto, and Workers’ Comp for our company for over 10 years. Their attention to detail is what sets them apart. I've been with some agencies and you call in only to get an agent who you don't know and who doesn't know you. It's not really a personal relationship. With Morse, I call up Donna and say, 'This is Bill' and she answers my questions. They're small, but they're large at the same time. You can really trust that they'll get things done."

Bill, Morse Insurance Client

"I've been with Morse for 12 years with my Business Fleet Auto and Workers’ Comp, along with my personal Auto, Homeowner's and Multi-Family Property Insurance. Unlike national insurance companies, the Morse team works and lives in the area so they understand what coverage is suitable for this region and my needs. I love that they are locally owned and managed."

Sonja, Morse Insurance Client

"Morse handles all of our Commercial Insurance: Liability, Workers comp, Property and Casualty, and Auto. I completely trust that they have our best interest in mind when they make recommendations about what we need and don't need. Plus, they have top notch customer service, are local and accessible, so when I need something they can turn a requests around quickly. We couldn't be happier with them."

Patti, Morse Insurance Client

"Working with Morse Insurance is like working with your family, we feel like we're a part of their family and they're a part of ours. The entire team is very human and funny with great personalities. It's clear that they love what they do and that they love their customers. They're great people, wonderful neighbors, and an awesome company and I just love doing business with them."

Patti, Morse Insurance Client

"Morse Insurance has been our agency for nearly 20 years. At first they provided our Homeowner's Insurance, then we added Auto Insurance. Later, when we started our business, it was General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance. The team at Morse is always there to guide us through these complex products. We feel they get us the best products at a fair price and know us on a personal basis."

Larry and Donna, Morse Insurance Clients

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