Pop’s Fine Wine & Liquors

Morse Insurance is pleased to introduce you to our client Pop’s Fine Wines & Liquors in Easton. We sat down with Rob Hamalian, son of Pop’s founder Bob Hamalian, to chat about Pop’s and the part they play in the community of Easton.

A big focus at Pop’s is to educate every employee on the store’s selections so that they can give the best recommendations to customers who ask for help. Rob Hamalian shares, “Our goal is to educate our staff about the products we sell so they, in turn, can educate the customers. We strive to get to know our customers on a personal level and create an environment where they are not afraid to ask us any questions.”

Hamalian is proud to point out that, when shopping at Pop’s’ you immediately notice the positive environment. “People always hold doors for each other, we never hear complaining, and we have a non-corporate type of vibe.” This positivity is a big reason why people keep coming back.

“We make it our goal to promote honesty, integrity, and strong family values throughout our work,” states Hamalian, and it definitely shows. Besides being a great example of a family-owned and run business, Pop’s is an excellent representation of the community. The Hamalian family grew up in Easton, and they’ve always felt that the town has held a great sense of community. Hamalian points out, “You don’t have to be from here to feel that it’s homey here.”

Their love for the community also shines through in all the different ways they give back; from participating in benefits to golf fundraisers, and their support for more than 21 other sporting events.

Morse, of course, is proud to have Pop’s Fine Wines & Liquor as our client and we’re also glad to be a long-standing client of theirs.

Client Information
ClientPop’s Fine Wine & Liquors
Location670 Depot St, North Easton, MA 02356
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