• How To Close Up Your Vacation Home

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Your vacation home should be a source of relaxation, but that doesn’t mean that a little work isn’t involved when it comes to owning a second home. As with any home, proper maintenance and care are always needed to protect your investment. So whether you own a lake house, a beach house, or a quaint cabin in the woods, here are some things to keep in mind as summer comes to an end.

Do An Inspection Of The Entire Property

Before you close up, take some time to evaluate the structure of your home. Check for any damages to the foundation, siding, or trim. Make sure to look inside your home as well and address any repairs that need to be made before you leave.

Clean Your Gutters

This is especially important if your vacation home is in a climate that gets cold in the winter. Make sure your gutters are not blocked to avoid issues with rain and snowmelt. Blocked gutters can lead to ice dams and ultimately, costly roof and ceiling damage.

Turn Off Any Unneeded Utilities

Make sure your gas, electricity, and water are all turned off before you leave. If you have something that requires power, like an alarm system, turn off all other circuits besides this one.

For your gas, you can either shut off the main line or contact your service provider to have your service temporarily suspended.

Make sure to drain all water pipes before leaving to avoid frozen pipes in the winter. To do this, shut off the main water supply and then turn on all faucets and leave them open until they are completely drained. Don’t forget about outdoor hoses!

Take Care Of Personal Belongings

If you store things like clothes or bedding in your vacation home, make sure they are all clean and properly stored before you leave. Aromatic sachets can keep clothes smelling fresh and ward off bugs. If moths are a problem, consider storing items in a cedar chest.

Prepare The Kitchen

Remember, any food you leave behind can attract animals and pests. Make sure you thoroughly clean your kitchen and store any non-perishable items in a secure location, or take them back to your primary residence, just to be safe!

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